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Automatic Ethanol Fires Under £2k

Planika UK provides a comprehensive collection of intelligent fireplaces for any home. Each of our fireplaces is designed to meet every customer's needs. Planika UK fireplaces are also available in various styles and designs. Keep your house warm with high-quality, environment-friendly, affordable freestanding bioethanol fireplaces from Planika UK. 


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Frequently asked questions

Yes, an automatic ethanol fireplace can heat a room. The size of the room and the BTU output of the fireplace will determine how well the room is heated. For example, a small room may only be partially warmed, while a larger room will be more evenly heated.

Yes, bioethanol tabletop fireplaces are considered safe when used as directed. The fuel is made from renewable resources and emits no harmful fumes. The flames are also contained within the fireplace, so there is no risk of a fire spreading beyond the fireplace.

Bioethanol tabletop fireplaces emit water vapour and carbon dioxide. These emissions are considered safe and are not harmful to the environment. Additionally,  the emissions from a bioethanol fireplace are significantly lower than those from a traditional wood-burning fireplace.

No, bioethanol tabletop fireplaces do not need to be vented. Unlike traditional fireplaces, they don’t require a venting system to release smoke and other toxins. Keep in mind that bio ethanol fires consume some of the oxygen in the room, so fresh air is needed once in a while.