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Lighthouse Gas Patio Heater - Black

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    This freestanding and portable heater is not only aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally friendly, emitting no odours or smoke. Furthermore, it purifies the environment by eliminating airborne pathogens through its sterilising flame and short-wave infrared radiance. A single Planika Lighthouse Gas Patio Heater is ideal for intimate spaces like a small garden or terrace. However, for expansive areas, deploying multiple units will ensure optimal design aesthetics and heat distribution.

    Top Features:

    Portability: Equipped with four castors, the Lighthouse can be easily moved around, allowing users to position the heater wherever warmth is needed.

    Glass Panel Enclosure: The burner is shielded on all four sides with clear glass panels, providing both protection and a mesmerising view of the flames.

    Efficient Heating: The design ensures a wide spread of warmth, making it perfect for gatherings or quiet evenings outdoors.

    Safety Features: Built with user safety in mind, the Lighthouse likely incorporates features such as a tip-over switch and flame-failure devices.

    Durable Construction: Made with high-quality materials, the Lighthouse is designed to withstand the elements and provide years of reliable service.

    Steel Hood: The steel hood not only completes the aesthetic look but also directs the heat downwards, ensuring efficient warmth distribution.

    Eco-friendly: As with many modern gas patio heaters, the Lighthouse might be designed to produce fewer emissions, making it more environmentally friendly.

    Easy Assembly & Maintenance: User-friendly design likely ensures that setting up and maintaining the Lighthouse is a hassle-free experience.

    Adjustable Heat Settings: To cater to varying needs, the Lighthouse might offer adjustable heat settings, allowing users to set the desired warmth level.


    Where Can the Lighthouse Gas Patio Heater Be Used?

    Residential Patios: Perfect for homeowners looking to add a touch of warmth and elegance to their outdoor spaces.

    Restaurants and Cafes: Ideal for businesses wanting to provide a cosy outdoor dining experience for their customers.

    Event Venues: From weddings to corporate events, the Lighthouse ensures guests stay warm throughout the event.

    Beach Resorts: Even by the sea, when the sun sets and the breeze gets chilly, the Lighthouse stands as a beacon of warmth.

    Rooftop Bars: Elevate the ambiance of your rooftop setting with both warmth and style.

    Gardens and Parks: For those special outdoor events or gatherings in cooler months, a garden Lighthouse can be a game-changer.



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    Lighthouse is incredibly easy to set up and use. Watch our simple installation video below.

    How to Install a Gas Cylinder in the Lighthouse Gas Patio Heater

    Step-by-step demo video showcasing the simple process of installing a gas cylinder in the Lighthouse Gas Patio Heater.


    Lighthouse has a heat output of maximum 9.1kW. In an open area, it is warm when you are sat or stood close to it, and most impactful if used under a gazebo/pergola/parasol. For larger garden seating areas, we would recommend multiple Lighthouses.

    No it is only suitable for outdoors. 30% of the space needs to be open.

    Yes you may - as long as there is a minimum 30% open air coming in, it is safe.

    We do not recommend leaving Lighthouse in the rain as the burner may become water logged and rust. We would recommend purchasing one of our outdoor covers or keeping the units in a shed or garage.

    It usually takes 2-3 working days from the day after you order.

    Lighthouse is more powerful and impactful heat wise, and it is also taller. It also comes with a 5 year rust warranty and can take a 13kg gas cylinder versus 11kg in Faro.

    For a small patio, balcony or garden, we would recommend at least one unit. However, if you have a large open garden space, usually a few units would be advised to maximise effectiveness.

    2 year warranty which excludes accidental damage to the glass or misuse. 

    The casing also benefits 5 year rust warranty.

    Most commonly Lighthouse sells with a Clip On Regulator this is compatible to all BBQ gas and patio gas cylinders (usually green in colour). If you intend to use red propane cylinders - they require a Screw On Regulator.