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FLA3 with Integrated FORMA Casing

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Perfectly suitable for any unique design or sophisticated project - this version of Planika's most technologically advanced fireplace, FLA3, comes in a FORMA integrated casing. This pre-assembled black metal casing allows for many exciting and creative installation options - available in different shapes and sizes.

Its self-contained construction means your fireplace can be framed into wood or metal studs, providing installation freedom and flexibility for builders and creating a striking addition to a feature wall. It comes with an automatic fuel pump and can be turned on and controlled via a smartphone from the comfort of your seat.



FLA3 800, 1000, 1200: £150.00
FLA3 1500, 1800: £195.00
FLA3 2300, 2700: £275.00 

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Planika’s intelligent bio fireplaces with the patented BEV Technology™ are the most advanced products in the industry. We are the provider of the only solution which ensures the cleanest possible burning process without any smoke, smell or ash.

Frequently asked questions

Bioethanol fireplaces can produce real flames, so they should be treated with the same level of caution and safety as any other object that produces a flame. Fortunately, bioethanol indoor fireplace procedures are easy to follow. That makes them suitable and generally safe for use in the home.

Biofuel can be very flammable, so it's important to handle it with care. You should never pour biofuel onto a lit or warm fireplace. Only refuel the fire once it's turned off and completely vcooled down (which takes approximately 30 minutes). Before refilling your steel box of bioethanol fuel, ensure that it has returned to room temperature. You should also take the time to clean up any spills before lighting your bioethanol indoor fireplace to prevent any accidents. 

Planika is one of the world's leading manufacturers of quality automatic fireplaces. We offer a wide range
of products that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Our products like the FLA3 with integrated forma casing have succeeded in more than 60 countries.

Fire Line Automatic 3 is the most innovative bioethanol fireplace by Planika. Thanks to its advanced
technology, everybody can enjoy a real fire without smoke or ash. The FLA3 with integrated forma casing
works on a patented fuel delivery system (BEV Technology) in which only heated vapours burn - optimising the furnace and ensuring safety. In the event of a malfunction, its CO2 sensor detection would turn off your unit automatically.