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Outdoor Fire Pits

Our impressive range of fire pits bring warmth and style to your outdoor space - emitting no smoke or smell. Whether you want a round or square outdoor gas fire pit, Planika UK supplies a variety of stunning outdoor fire pits in a myriad of shapes and sizes. 

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, our outdoor fire pits are resistant to severe weather conditions such as wind and rain, meaning your fire pits can stay outside (view our accessories page for outdoor covers).

With some of our fire pits, you have the choice of natural gas or LPG at the time of ordering.

Any outdoor gas fire pits operating costs will be influenced by the fireplace's size, the price of gas, and how frequently it is used. A smaller fireplace will cost less to run than a larger one with the same usage.

Most of our outdoor fire pits and fireplaces come with a glass screen, however, this is optional for some products. This protects the fire from wind.

Having an outdoor fire pit can have many benefits, both practically and aesthetically. They look provide heat on chilly nights, creating a warm and rustic environment.

Most outdoor fire pits look best on patios and spacious areas where people can sit around them. Keep away from flammable items, plants, trees and excess foliage.